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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Don't say u like me just because u think I'm cute
Don't say I'm cute if u has never meet me
Don't say I'm nice if u have never talked to me
Don't say I'm cool just because of the music I listen to
Don't say u like the music I listen to just to attract me
Don't ask me out when u don't know me
Don't say u know me over a few comments and chats
Don't say I'm freak when I'm different
Don't say I'm stupid when I'm smarter than u
Don't acts like mt bestfriend when u are not even a friend
Don't say u care when u are so far away
Don't make me happy when u words are not true
Don't say goodbye when I need u
Don't say u miss me when u know thats what I wanna hear
Don't say u love me when u don't
Don't think I'm weak when I can break u
Don't think u know me when u has no idea
Don't ignore me when my heart cries for u
Don't bleed my heart out when I love u
Don't say u are lonely when u has me
Don't under estimate me!


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